Sporting the Peak

Here's my first post in 2019! It seems that I have shifted a lot of my attention to Instagram (my account  @everytaneiwear ) for the pa...

Here's my first post in 2019! It seems that I have shifted a lot of my attention to Instagram (my account @everytaneiwear) for the past year and my blog definitely deserve some love .  I've been watching a lot of UK's top reality show 'Love Island' lately with my boyfriend (who is from Essex and obviously follows the show every night), so I decided to go for a Love Island inspired hairstyle - double French braids on our recent hike! 

Matching the double braids, I went for a neon look where I paired 3 Neon pieces for the ensemble. 
#1. A neon crop top (that I recently bought from H&M) 
#2.  Neon bracelet (friendship bracelet I got with my bff from Forever21) 
#3. A pair of neon Nike sneakers. 
I'm surprised that I have so much neon items indeed! To tone up the look for a SPORTY CHIC flair, I further added a pair of Urumqi's ethnic earrings and black and white cat eye sunglasses as the funky statement pieces.

While many viewers might be envious of Love Island contesters for the fame they might get after leaving the show, I'm not entirely sure if it's a worthy experience to sit in a villa from 3 days - 8 weeks waiting for texts (without internet) and being constantly monitored (or spied at) for their every actions and words said... If I had to choose between participating in the 'Love island' reality show and hiking around HK, I would easily pick loving my '852 island' for the views and for my 'freedom in expression' (speaking of the recent anti-extradition bill that raised attention under the International spotlight)..

"If your hair is done properly and you have on good shoes, you can get away with anything."

From the Look
Neon crop top - H&M
Pants - H&M
Cateye sunglasses - Gentle Monster
Cartoon bag pack - Forever21
Neon Bracelet - Forever21
Neon sneakers - Nike

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