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Even before I started out as a fashion blogger, I've always had a lot of clothes (but nothing to wear... that's how many of us feel ...

Even before I started out as a fashion blogger, I've always had a lot of clothes (but nothing to wear... that's how many of us feel let's admit it!). I'm the kind of person that buys both colours if I can't decide, just to get the most out of the style I love. Now Spring is around the corner and it's that time of year for closet reorganisation again. If you are living in HK, or happened to have stayed in this tiny metropolitan city, you'll notice flats/apartments are 400-800 sq. ft on average and yet the 4 seasons are quite distinctive, so you can already imagine that could be a total disaster for closet space.

I live with my mom and we share our closet spaces, to be exact I share a small compartment of the closet + back of the door + half a hanging rail by the window bay + 2 storage boxes I got from a night market. So each season I must sort out the in-season outfits and keep away the non-relevant ones in storage bags.

My Typical Closet Clean Out & Reorganisation

I recently came across Dia & Co's website, their CEO Nadia Boujarwah said something I couldn't agree more - It's not the clothes that should determine the shape of your body, but your body that should determine the shape of your clothes. There's a difference between fashion and style, fashion trends is an essential part but that alone should not entirely determine what stays in our wardrobe. As Coco Chanel famously said - Fashion changes, but style endures. With the minimal closet space, it is extremely important to decide on what to keep and toss from the closet every season. I typically arrange my items by category for easier access and to help identify how many similar items I own. Jewellery hangers and scarf hangers are a major part of space utilisation, while IKEA storage boxes can add compartments to tiny spaces for better organisation.

Work out which items you haven't worn for the past 1-2 seasons? 
Or items that were worn only once or twice since you bought them? If you have not touched some pieces in your closet for that long, maybe your taste have changed and these styles no longer fit you anymore? Do you still love this color/pattern? Is it the cutting that you don't love anymore? Has it gone out of trend? Try it in front of the mirror and set a deadline for them.

When you can't decide whether to keep a few pieces, asking yourself would I wear this again and end up keeping them just in case they may be wanted again one day... My experience is this one day will never come and these will just end up being sent away after years sitting in your wardrobe, so why not clear them out sooner for more space! We always welcome new clothing anyway :)

If you're still unsure of which items to clear out, try looking for similar items and decide on which ones to eliminate. Yes, it's a painful elimination process but a clean closet will allow clearer idea on what you have and where your real needs lies in.

Let's say you're one conscious shopper and don't have similar items to eliminate on, maybe sort out items that are less comfortable. Remember that pair of H&M jeans that kinda rubs on your thighs after 2nd laundry? Or the Primark t-shirt that has gone out of shape? Purge them! 

What To Do With The Unwanted Clothing?
After sorting everything out, you'll be surprised to see how much you actually don't need! 

Option 1. My usual practice is sharing unwanted clothing with my mom, best friends or even my helper - anyone with similar body figure can take over your clothes. You could even swap them with your friend's wardrobe just to save some $$$. They say sharing is caring :)

Option 2. Make some cash if you plan to throw them away anyway. I recently came across an online platform 'Carousell' for selling second-hand clothes, luxury bags and home appliances. You just have to download the app to your phone, take some product pictures and add 1-2 lines of details. You can decide whether to meet up with buyer or do delivery postage. Just beware of any suspicious buyers and make sure any communication goes within the built-in inbox.

I wrote the captions in both Chinese & English to increase visibility (computer version)
Option 3. If all else don't work or your unwanted item is too worn, just trash it or donate it to Salvation Army as last resort.

Last But Not Least,  My Closet Diary

Every season when I clean out my closet, I can never believe how many pieces I've totally forgotten about. In order to turn this around and prevent myself from making more impulsive shopping, I once attempted to create a photo album on my ipad by taking a photo of every single item, even that took too long and I never managed to complete LOL. Thus, I'm starting a 'closet diary' on my iPhone's notes app - and I shall carry it around with me to scan it through before the next cashier payment. Here's a little sneak peek to my closet inventory...

like... how many little black dress have I already got? do I need more? I basically have it in all silhouettes O.M.G.
Good news is after 12 hours of intense tidying, 15+ items are now transferred to mom & 35+ items have been uploaded to Carousell waiting for their new buyers! 

**Don't forget to put on some music to your liking during the cleaning, you will need it for stress relief & energizing kick**

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