5 Vintage Style Bags

My mom use to say fashion is a cycle, every trend makes a come back in 20-30 years. There were times when I got excited about an upcoming &...

My mom use to say fashion is a cycle, every trend makes a come back in 20-30 years. There were times when I got excited about an upcoming 'new trend', and mom would come tell me that's what she wore it in her teens....so today I was thinking why don't we talk about VINTAGE! Vintage never goes out of date, and there's always a group of loyal fans for this ever-lasting trend :)

5 types of vintage style bags

1. Classic CHANEL flap bag is a decent investment piece, I believe its value will only go up as time goes by and it is still one of the favourites on resale markets. Coco Chanel designed her first bag in 1929, the 2.55 original Chanel shoulder bag was debuted in 1955. This has changed history and for the first time it was acceptable for women with considerable social status to carry a bag on their shoulders. One thing worth mentioning, the interlocking CC locks actually didn't came to life until Lagerfeld added them to the flap bag in 1980s. Original designs created by Coco bore the logo free Mademoiselle lock!


2. Oriental carpet bags screams patterns and prints that are so loud yet so personal to their owners, because the prints can be so different one bag sure can't be everyone's cup of tea. However, if a pattern catches your eye, I'm sure you'll be in love with it forever.. and maybe more than your every other usual day bag because it touched your heart somehow

£80 (blue), £165 (red)

3. Leather satchels have made it back to the fashion circle as the American fashion label Proenza Schouler debuted their signature PS1 in 2008, which was discovered by bloggers in 2010 and became widely distributed on blogs and social platforms. For an accessible price point, MAHI leather might be a good alternative as this brand donates $1.5 to FRANK Water Projects (UK based charity that help improve sanitation and water quality in India, helped over 300,000 people gain access to clean water so far) for every bag sold. Getting your hand on a new leather bag for a good cause, why not!

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4.  Oh-so-cute binocular case bucket bag is another option to express personal character. This type of bag are super structured and gives a sweet collage girl look. This one from bearabeara.com even comes with a red tartan lining for a distinctive British vibe. I can already imagine a hundred ways to dress it with, as the adjustable shoulder bag strap is detachable and the top handle just adds a delicate touch to the exquisite design :P
£120 (shoulder bag), £150 (backpack)
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5. My last choice would be a vintage straw handbag which was raged in the 1950s, of course my ideal shape would the size of a leather suitcase, aka picnic basket for the ultra chic look. Upon research, I must say I am surprised to see so many designer brands have already designed their unique version of raffia bag with their brand DNA *wow, impressed*

Source: click to see more on Polyvore.com

Cheap & Chic 

Not sure if I have covered your kind of vintage handbags, let me know what's your favourite that tells your story.

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