#TOPIC: What is your perfect wedding dress?

I still can't believe how time has passed so quickly, all my childhood friends are getting married one by one. Last December, I was tol...

I still can't believe how time has passed so quickly, all my childhood friends are getting married one by one. Last December, I was told I'm gonna be the bridesmaid of my highschool bestie by end of this year :D (Big congratz to Josephine for finding her Mr. Right)!! I must admit being a bridesmaid for the first time sounds challenging, as I have no idea where to begin. After a little bit of research, it brought me to the topic: What is your perfect wedding dress? 

For those who don't have an idea on how your wedding's going to be like, let's say there are different silhouettes of wedding dresses available out there, just to name a few: Ball gowns, Mermaid dress, Empire waist dress, Organza dress, Short/Knee length wedding dress, A-line wedding dress, and there are more to the list - understanding your body shape is important to look perfect on that big day of yours.

Next, you need to consider what will be the format of your wedding. If you're thinking of a wedding by the seaside, maybe beach wedding dress is more suitable for you? If you are looking forward to a fairy-tale chateau style wedding, try lace wedding dress for a glamorous look? If you are just looking planning to have a low budget family banquet, what do you think of the toned down yet elegant vintage wedding dress?

Here's some photo reference if it all sounds too complicated to you:

Getting the right dress for the right body shape is extremely important on this big day, when you start with first fitting, you may somehow realise all along your dream wedding dress shape doesn't look as good as other shapes on you. Ivory colour and off white also tend to match with different skin tone. Make sure you try as much as possible before you make the decision, or consult wedding gown shop keepers to find out what suits you best!

After picking out your own wedding dress, you will have to start thinking about how your bridesmaids can match with your style and the wedding venue. Below are some suggestions for Garden wedding, Greece style, Old and classy Chateau, and Beach party weddings! 

Last but not least, whenever I think of weddings I would never forget the first one I attended when I was 4! I remember wearing my pink first communion dress at my aunt's wedding and holding onto the flower basket with my tightest grip... my aunt was younger than I am right now ;) How cute are these? 

Photo source: Muee.com

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