#ART : Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair

Spotted at Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair last weekend by fashion website  #butterboom  #stylehunt Blue peplum top - Primark Skirt - P...

Spotted at Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair last weekend by fashion website #butterboom #stylehunt

Blue peplum top - Primark
Skirt - Pull & Bear
Necklace - Forever 21
Sandals - Le Saunda
Handbag - Louis Vuitton

Last week, I was invited by my art loving boyfriend to the May 13-15 Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair at the HK Convention & Exhibition Centre. Weekend activity, sorted!

Here are some of my favourites:
A piece of old Hong Kong, a scene we always see - parks filled with elderly..b/w photo spiced up with eccentric colours.
Is this epiphany of humanity? How far have we evolved away from our animal instinct?
A decorative book shelf that doesn't consume any space except an inch from your wall.
Titled: Look from anywhere
Scenic paintings are always my cup of tea, the artist thoughtfully added a cycling human figure at the top of the violin strings. 
Think outside the box, PORCELAIN crying baby splashed into a bowl.
This almost realistic painting was shot from the side, so you may also appreciate the magical transformation of folded papers into millions of undersea aquatic life.
What is sexy?
 This collage combines the exquisite art of Chinese stamps and serenity of religion.
Don't gamble your life away...
But my favourite piece has to be this one, on an interactive art wall where people may reinterpret the famous Campbell soup can, I saw PEACE & LOVE ♥ touched the bottom of my heart - another proof of anti-conformity.

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  1. That looks an awesome place. Thanks for sharing! Check out Art fair Philippines, I'm sure you'll like it too.


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