The word 'Nostralia' came from the combination of Nostalgia & Australia. Thanks to my lovely cousin R...

The word 'Nostralia' came from the combination of Nostalgia & Australia. Thanks to my lovely cousin Rachel who's graduating from Curtin University, I made my first adventure to Perth, Western Australia. I came to think of the old days, where I would hand pick similar outfits for us in different colours from my wardrobe so that we would match like twin sisters, sit her in front of the mirror braiding her hair and putting on make up on my handy human doll....Ohhh, I was a 'fashion consultant' at an early age really (LOL).

Since it's Wintertime during September in Australia, I had bit of a hard time deciding what to pack for the journey, in the end I decided to layer up my looks with leather jackets. I brought a red and a black leather jacket with me so that I could either go for an elegant or a casual weekend look. They worked best as a wind breaker and are relatively light to carry around. Then, I also brought some woolen sweaters with me to ensure I'm warm enough if weather gets rough. I found my green sweater from Hollister slightly inappropriate to the weather in HK, as the cropped bottom exposes my belly a little in cold Winter, but then it's too warm for Autumn. For breezy weather in Australia though, the cropped length cardigan hide perfectly under my leather jacket and gives me the extra warmth that I needed. I took off Hong Kong in my cute kitten-in-a-beanie t-shirt, and had it with me in case weather in Perth gets warmer. 

The graduation ceremony itself, gave me a very different experience from what I had 2 years ago. This second time I sat myself at a graduation hall, I'm no longer the nervous batch that sat in front of the stage. Instead, I'm with the parents and families.. feeling excited for the graduate, getting ready to snap that long awaited moment for my cousin. Before everyone moves off from the exhibition hall after the enduring ceremony and another round of applause, we were surprised by a finale A Capella show :) Compared to the very solemn and official British graduation ceremony, this one at Curtin University was emotionally stirring. I'm almost grateful I attended another graduation ceremony so soon...

Throughout my short 5-day visit, we had mussels almost every single meal (ouch!) For the family, it's seafood after seafood.

Pour moi, a non-seafood lover...it was fish and chips & fish and chip flavoured gelato.

Parisian striped pants (Bardot)
Pleather trousers (H&M)
Black Pleather jacket (H&M)
Red leather jacket (Zara)
Marine blue jacket (New Look)
Deep V-neck black playsuit (Topshop)
Cat t-shirt (H&M)
Woolen oversized sweater (H&M)
Chunky heel sandals (Nova)
Army green wedged boots (Forever 21)
Green cardigan (Hollister)
Boots (UGGS)
Necklace (Forever 21)
Scarf (Bought in Venice)
Sunglasses (RayBan)

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