My NARS Products Makeup Routine

1. Start off by moisturizing my face to avoid the skin from directly absorbing all the cosmetic products 2. I've tried othe...

1. Start off by moisturizing my face to avoid the skin from directly absorbing all the cosmetic products

2. I've tried other primers, such as the urban decay eye primer and smashbox photo finish face primer, but nothing compares to this one by NARS. Precisely, it hides the pores, and keeps the makeup from melting during the day. Work a layer in the under eye area, it avoids grease so the smudged eye makeup can be easily wiped away.

3. I normally use Rimmel or Revlon foundation, but the tinted moisturiser by NARS can also be used as a foundation yet with less coverage in concealing blemishes

4. After a thin layer of foundation (and concealer in the under eye area depending on my mood), I'll apply my favourite loose powder with the puff in the can. I tried using a big powder brush but I prefer saving time for picking my outfit and doing the job quicker mostly :)

5. No matter how much praises have been given to the Sigma brush kit, I still couldn't pick out a perfect blush brush among the 12 pcs! To be fair, these brushes are softer than the Shu Uemura ones and cheaper than the ones from M.A.C. It's just that the one brush I got from drugstore Sasa in a beginners-kit that worth only HKD49 always worked magic for me as a blush brush and defeated every brush in my Sigma Mrs. Bunny Kit 

6. As for bronzer, I was very eager to try out the 'Laguna' bronzer at first as all the makeup gurus were raving at it. Upon visiting the counter though, I realise 'Irrisistablement' bronzer (red undertone) works better for my skin, laguna bronzer was too pale I can't even tell it on my skin

7. The 'Orgasm' blush by NARS does not fail the expectations. It just looks tiny more golden-ish before application as compared to how it looks on the face. Even my mom loved it <3

8. Last but not least, my holy grail 'eye shadow palette' has to be Urban Decay-Naked 2. I use 'tease' as the base on my eyelid and 'busted' or 'blackout' on the outter corner. Although I'm not entirely sure if 'Naked' or 'Naked 2' is better as I only own the latter, I've tried the Bobbi Brown 'smokey nudes' palette and their pigmentation isn't half as good as Urban Decay. I am loyal to the one true king of eye shadow palettes...UD

9. For lining my eyes, I've been loyal to a Japanese brand since I no longer have access to my other favourite UK Brand - SLEEK. Heard from my best friend that the Milani Bold Liquid Eye Liner is extremely durable and waterproof (meaning it would last after 24 hours and sleep), but I have not been visiting the States so I'm just sticking with whatever I can get at the moment as long as it's jet black :P

Hope these information are useful references for you! 

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