You don't need a man to complete your life

Little Inspiration:  If there's anything I learned in life, that would be 'Stop thinking you need a man to comp...

Little Inspiration: If there's anything I learned in life, that would be 'Stop thinking you need a man to complete your life'. I was very amused by two articles I came across recently, 63 year old Vera Wang got married! To a 27 year old Olympic Champion (Chinese article) & What happened when I stopped thinking I needed a boyfriend (Blog: World of Wanderlust), both of which have led me into self-reflection upon my current relationship status - being SINGLE. It is funny how people almost immediately associate 'being single' with 'You-are-not-good-enough-and-you-got-dumped' or 'You-are-demanding-too-much-you-scared-your-partner-away'. Being single can be a choice of life. It's time society should drop sexual stereotype against the female gender. As an Asian-born-and-raised girl, I used to FIT IN. I used to fancy fairytale weddings and catching up with my 'happily-ever-after' before the number '30' come into picture. I never knew if it was the right choice to end my 4-year-relationship (about 6 months ago) cause it didn't go as planned. As a child, I always thought that getting married and having a baby before 30 was the perfect route to start a new chapter of life. Again, blame social stereotype! That's what little kids were taught at school. Not until one completes tertiary education, you wouldn't realise the world was never so simple. There are more occupation to fireman, teacher, police and nurse...and there's the grey zone between black and white.

But really, what's there to rush? I'm not encouraging girls out there to grow-old-a-'spinster'. All I'm saying is, NEVER depend your life on another person NOR earn satisfaction in life by gaining approval from another person. We are often misled by Ancient-tales that a 'soulmate' would one day come into view and thereafter the pair will be united into one. I'm guessing this explains why girls often complain about their 'inattentive' boyfriends, who spend 30% of their time on computer games, 30% of time chilling with friends, 20% working their way up the career ladder and only 20% 'dedicated' time to spend with them. The TRUTH IS, WE ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS. We can only be a part of someone's life but we are always accountable for our own. One should learn to be GENUINELY CONTENT with the self although we search for a partner in life to grow together and share our happiness together. As wise men said, 'Age is fickle' and 'Beauty is skin deep'. My quest in life so far has taught me that we can only genuinely feel good about the self when you are good at something, be it a form of art, a language, a sport or a job. Find something you're interested in and develop it into a set of skill, because sophistication and wisdom makes a woman attractive. Il est une bonne vie avec ou sans 'petits amis' !

'You Only Live Once' statement top - H&M
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Cotton scarf - Dior

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