rien à porter F/W1990

I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR (French: rien à porter) Fall/Winter 1990? This statement top I got from Forever...

I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR (French: rien à porter) Fall/Winter 1990? This statement top I got from Forever 21 pretty much sums up my life! I wasn't given a choice NOT TO buy it, I simply can't contain my joy when I saw this statement top with my year of birth on it, speaking from a shopaholic's perspective (LOL)! Not to mention, I always mix-and-match my wardrobe pieces to avoid wearing the same look twice and constantly having a feeling of 'nothing in my wardrobe's wearable'. Guess I'm just not that kind of person who could go with suits, how boring!

After scrambling through my closet, I eventually decided to pair the navy blue crop-top with a high-waisted A-line skirt I got from my mom. Not only is the skirt designed with asymmetrical lengths, it also comes with a split on one side, giving credits to the plain white skirt. As my knees were covered up, I had to bring back some height to view by completing the look with my strappy sandals. These I haven't even worn since I left UK. Speaking of having nothing to wear....

With this post, you can also take a glimpse of the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong which is still on-going after 3 months time. Yentl and I decided to do a photoshoot while the banners are still hanging, making our marks in this inevitably remarkable historical event. The world has heard the people's voice, in Chinese, English, French, Arabic and many more languages. But who holds justice? This is not an easy question to answer.

Navy blue statement crop top - Forever 21
White asymmetrical A-Line skirt - Weekend Workshop
Leather messenger bag - Testoni
Green/Blue strappy sandals - Zara
Accessories (Ring) - Bought in Turkey
Accessories (Earrings) - From Hong Kong

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