You only live once

As temperature gets cooler again, I was finally able to put on my long-sleeved statement t-shirt/crop top I got from H&am...

As temperature gets cooler again, I was finally able to put on my long-sleeved statement t-shirt/crop top I got from H&M awhile ago. Not sure if it was an on-sale item, but I HAD TO BUY IT anyway on seeing it :) The way to best match this charcoal black top is to complete the look with a grey item or white as shown in this post. This way, the subtleness of the other item would not snatch its pride. I don't recommend matching it with a floral patterned piece as it has a dark undertone. If it was a white statement shirt, then yes, a colourfully printed bottom would compliment the dull and monotonous top! 

For my bottom look, I picked a white boot cut denim jeans to elongate my figure. To be honest, I wanted to put on a pair of flattering heels to match with the entire look. Some of my close friends would have noticed though that I've got a massive blister on my ankles, which happened during my long distance walk to work in my Zara leather brogues (shouldn't have picked them for long walks..) So I dropped the idea and my choice of the day was a pair of super comfy flat sandals. These sandals I've been wearing to work all the time and I can't believe they haven't appeared on my blog YET!

The tasseled messenger bag I'm wearing cross-shouldered today was also bought from H&M at low price HKD 149! It can also be worn on the shoulder by the long shoulder strap or like a tote bag. Super price efficient :)

More on today, my blog-mate/bestie Yentl and I have walked through the whole of admiralty to causeway bay to get our stomach filled and 'run some errands' (meaning shopping..don't we) GURLLLs. See those chunky earrings I got at the photo below? Fresh off the shelf from Forever 21 LOL... We began the day by shooting some wonderful photos before our lipstick could possibly get spoiled, then headed off to Star street for lunch. Our after lunch dessert was 'night wolf' - a.k.a. chocolate and vanilla ice-cream, egg waffle on the top, served with panna cotta and fresh bananas. Yes, if you want to know, it is the newly opened Western Dessert Takeway 'ODDIES' located in 149 Wanchai Road. After a day wandering around causeway bay, the day was ended with a nom-nom Sichuan spicy cuisine, looks HAWWWT... I mean the Sichuan poached fish filet!

'You Only Live Once' (YOLO) statement crop top - H&M
White flared denim jeans - New Look
Rings - New look & Forever 21
Sunglasses - RayBan
White tassel bag - H&M
Earrings - Forever 21
Red lipstick - Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint (Passion Red 9)

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