Work Lookbook: True Colours

We all work in order to make a living. Work is monotonous and inevitably tiring, that's a mere fact. How can we uplift...

We all work in order to make a living. Work is monotonous and inevitably tiring, that's a mere fact. How can we uplift our spirits at work that's a question. My answer to it is: WEAR YOUR TRUE COLOURS TO WORK. No matter how swamped I am at work, it's always a pleasure for me to look into the mirror and see myself in the lovely outfits I picked for the day. I don't know if this applies to you girls too, but when I'm wearing my heels, I'm not just few inches taller than usual... I also wear a bigger pride. That few inches which makes you feel more confident, elegant and sexy, is why we the female gender are so addictive to the enslaving form of footwear (which always end up hurting, be it your ankle/toes/sole to be exact).

I felt amazing dressing in bold colours, because it is the reflection of my true self. Colourful and joyful as I am. Electric blue, sensuous and bold, is a piece I got at a bargaining price in ALAND (Korean brand) I couldn't even believe my eyes. This crop top comes with light ruffles on the edges of the sleeves and the hem, pretty cute for office look or weekend fun. The skirt I've also carried in my other look (Year of the Horse) earlier this year.

Highlights of the look were the leather belt and leather cuffs I'm wearing. So why was I wearing a belt on top of my blue top? Figure reshaping was my major concern as the crop top wasn't tight enough to wrap around my body nicely, if I don't wear a belt it may seem to be hanging on me, and no matter if I'm wearing a skirt or pants, it would seem out of proportion. Adding a belt on top has gave a lift to the very plain top plus revealing my body figure again. It reminds me of Monsieur Christian Dior's idea on 'Corolle'/the figure of 'huit' (Number 8), emphasising the female shape, just like so (see image below). Therefore, again fashion is not about following trends. It's about showing who you really are, creating your own style, and it is definitely not defined by monetary value...

Electric blue crop top - ALAND
Skirt - Zara
Leather belt - Bally
Tassel fringe bag - H&M
Shoes - Forever 21
Arm cuff - Forever 21

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