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About a month ago, I was selected as one of the designers for the annual fashion show held at Uni. Interestingly, I got this post because...

About a month ago, I was selected as one of the designers for the annual fashion show held at Uni.
Interestingly, I got this post because people have been reading my blog.
So I had the priority to not go into any interviews or selection and went straight into the post.

The 'Lace Party' is named lace party for the sake of room for imagination i guess, had different themes each year...all that jazz....
I suppose every uni has their own fashion show each year, and what audience look for is not the quality of the dress or design, 
but how do the models look and how sexy they were on stage. No offence, but thats how uni works, right?

Anyway, back to the theme of the show, I was in charge for the part named 'Dream up'.
Apparently, dream up stands for something beyond reality and highly aimed for.
That's how I came up with my 5 design ideas anyway... below are some sketches I made with the app 'Pic collage'

Don't girls just like hearts, it's like a privilege for girls to born with an obsession with hearts.
Since I happen to have a pair of heart shaped glasses, I thought it was a good idea to include it in the look.

Then, a sudden thought of cupcakes struck me in the head. Yes, it's a very British thing I guess..
If the French would have to make a dress with a dessert, macaroons i guess! (LOL.)
Anyway, putting a teacup on someone's head was a very thoughtful idea and full of imagination.
PS. Didn't realise Katy Perry dressed in that cute cupcake outfit till I did  my research.

Feathery peacocks...I would consider this look as surreal and royal.
Can't stop myself from imagining some Queen from fairy-tales (of coz, step-mothers) wearing those feathers high on her neck, stepping on her 5-inch heels, with her cape and holding a birdy
Very unluckily, collecting such huge amount of peacock feathers was a tough task for a student organised fashion show...
had to give up that idea at last.

Balloons and Pastels...before I have to say anything about this, another designer came up with this idea too.
So I was literally not allowed to move a further step towards this idea :(
Her dress came out right though, maybe I should post a picture of it at the end.

And this idea, is dedicated by my lovely boyfriend.
How creative he was, coming up with the idea of putting all the numbers of
 'Pythagorus theory' on the dress, and the sign 'Pi' on our model's head.
We did a little modification to the idea at last, but that was my signature piece at the event, and the talking point among friends :)

The 'Pi' outfit, altered into a graduation outfit with chemistry and mathematical symbols on the tutu skirt.
A BIG sign of 'Pi' on the gradaution cap, and a green corset! 

I appreciate those who gave me that opportunity to find myself as a fashion designer.
It will be a memorable part of my university life.

Let me know what you guys think about!!


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