The beauty of a Goddess Grand Hollywood curls Believe it or not...the Beehive style Current trend - Very delicate braided ...

The beauty of a Goddess

Grand Hollywood curls

Believe it or not...the Beehive style

Current trend - Very delicate braided updo

Casual sweet curls - the girl next door

Hollywood waves - Diva: Beyonce 

What is the definition of beauty?
It is a myth whether having natural curls or stick straight hair is considered as sexy.
While many college girls ironed their hair stick straight to look 'good',
we see many Hollywood stars shined in glamorous curls.

There's this article Curly vs. Straight: Which Do Men Prefer? written by Teri Evans,
where she tested out men's preferences through love matching websites and real dates.

I personally prefer curls, when I want to look more sexy.
Dear readers, what do you think?

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