How to add a hole to your new shoe strap

I will show you an example with my new pair of shoes from H&M. (Got these shoes by post and realise the straps were too loose for me,...

I will show you an example with my new pair of shoes from H&M.
(Got these shoes by post and realise the straps were too loose for me, so I researched on how to add a hole  to it)

All you need is a needle and a hairpin.
(I heard that protractor works too, but I don't have a protractor at home so I used needle and hair pin instead)

Step1 - Measure your foot size

Step 2 - Find the accurate spot and press the buckle hardly onto the strap, so that there's a marking

Step 3 - Hold your needle

Step 4 - Poke it into spot 
(it shouldn't be too hard as the needle is very sharp)

Step 5 - I also suggest you to add a threat onto the needle to ease any pushing or pulling

Step 6 - After you get a hole onto the strap, try pinching in the hairpin this time
(If the hole is not wide enough to pinch the hair pin in, try using the needle for few more times)
(Do this on both directions -  from the outside and from the inside)

Step 7 - If the longer part of the hairpin goes in, try pushing in the shorter part too to widen the hole

Step 8 - squeeze and turn the hairpin around to widen the hole

Step 9 - last but not least, you can push the buckle into the new hole

If there are strands of cotton punching out from the hole just cut them off.


It could take some time, but when you get the new holes fitted, it's very rewarding :)
Reducing any harm caused to your feet owing to wrong size is an important concern.
Go ahead with your shoes that does not fit!

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