Birthday Haul - Part 2!

I know it's been a few days since my birthday now, but I'm still dwelling in the mood.  If you still remember what I wrote ...

I know it's been a few days since my birthday now, but I'm still dwelling in the mood.

 If you still remember what I wrote on my first Birthday Haul post, something on my birthday list was still missing.
I wanted to buy my first MAC blush, but it turned out that MAC is not available in Coventry (What a sad sad story).
Anyway, so my boyfriend decided to go to Birmingham with me on Sunday in search of the MAC blush :)

Amongst the long list of names I generated after watching MAC blush reviews on youtube, I eventually got Dollymix.

:: MAC Blushes ::
1. Breathe of plum
2. Pinch o peach
3. Danity
4. Margin
5. Immortal flower
6. Launch away
7. Pet me
8. Dollymix
9. Mocha

It has a pinkish tone, with a bit of sparkles in it which makes it glowy (Obviously, it's a sheertone blush).
I didn't choose the matt ones because they look very dull for a summer look.
I want to have a bit of glow on the cheeks so that if I'm lazy to put on highlights it'll still look fresh.

Left: Flash Off                                                                                         Right: Flash On
That's not the end to it.
I also ordered the Babyliss Thermo-Ceramic Hot Rollers online from Superdrugs.
I found that a lot of beauty gurus on youtube are using hot rollers instead of curling irons, and heard that the curls would last longer. So when I found this online, I decided to give it a try.

If you are interested in other hair styling products, I have posted a Hair Stylers Review in March where I talked about all the hair styling products I have, curling tongs straighteners and stuff.

Unlike the Remington Hot Rollers, which only has 12 rollers, the Babyliss one has 20 rollers.
Functioning is super easy. 
1. Turn the on-off switch before you put on your makeup, wait for 5 minutes for it to heat up.
2. The pink dot on the roller at the centre should turn white when it's fully heated.
3. Put the rollers either above or beneath your pinch of hair depending on the look you desire for.
4. Use the 10 super clips or the thin metal clips to secure it.
5. After you do this, use some hairspray on top so that after you remove the rollers it would last for the day.
6. Wait for about 15-30mins (do whatever you want, picking outfits, put on makeup etc)
7. Done! And just brush your hair to shape it.

I find the hot rollers super convenient because I don't have to stay still in front of the mirror and hold my hands up in the air:)

So yea, that's all I've got for my 22nd birthday.

Dear readers,
Have you ever tried hot rollers? Do you prefer them or curling tongs?

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