My regular makeup routine

Hi guys, today I'm gonna share with you my favourite makeup products that I use everyday. I don't know what do you think, but ...

Hi guys, today I'm gonna share with you my favourite makeup products that I use everyday.
I don't know what do you think, but for me, a basic makeup contains 5 products.

1) foundation 2) concealer 3) face powder 4) face contouring 5) eyeliner

This deluxe palette for lip and cheeks (Estee Lauder) is my favourite of all.
It was given to me by my mom, after I sneaked into her bathroom using it (lol).
I love love love the tangerine blush, the colour is very natural and it matches well with the darker red.
I usually use the darker red as a contouring blush, so not much on the apple of my cheeks but more on the rear.

I have finished one of them and this is the second one my mom gave me.
Unluckily, I couldn't find that tangerine swatch from Estee Lauder already, because this kit comes in a festive package, and is not on sale individually (sad).

Ha, I know you might be surprised this contouring kit by Sleek actually looks like one from NARS.
The price is economy and the quality is not bad too.
I've been using it daily to highlight my cheek bones, brow bones, and shading my nose and edge of my face.
Wonderful product. You could find 2 different shades in store for lighter or darker skin.

Another product (actually the first product) by Sleek I've been using, the Dip-It Eyeliner. 
Finding a perfect eyeliner is such a pain for girls, because different people might be used to drawing their eyelines with eyeliner gel, pencil eyeliner, or liquid eyeliner.
I have tried them all. But my heart lies in liquid eyeliner.

Frankly speaking, eyeliner gel is very effective and wouldn't come off even you spend a day in the beach.
However, I don't want to risk pulling out more wrinkles around my eyes by cleaning off my eyeline.
Back to liquid eyeliner, there are many liquid eyeliner products out there. Although they all state they're black, they might come in different 'black'.
I've tried using my mom's liquid eyeliner when mine was finished and it appeared to be 'greenish black'.
I have no idea how to tell you if you don't understand. But my point it, finding a liquid eyeliner that you can draw comfortably and achieving the results you want is quite a difficult task.

Until I found this eyeliner by Sleek, I fell in love with it immediately.
It is very small in size, easy to carry, easy to draw and very very black! (which is what i want)

A 'thumbs up' for the Spotscover foundation by Shiseido.
The was bought in Japan. I'm not sure if they have this in the UK or in HK.

What i wanted to say about this is, it has a very creamy and light texture.
(Sorry for my fingerprints, but every time i just dip into it with my index fingertip and pad it on my spots.)
Compared to all the other concealing products in the market, this concealer is very close to Asian skin colour.
Unlike the other concealing products that comes off as a yellowish colour, 
you can pad a thick pile of it on your face and people wouldn't even spot it.
Also, it doesn't dry up quickly on your face because of it's creamy texture.

This is my second can I asked my Aunt to buy me when she was travelling to Japan.
She said it wasn't even placed on the counter, she had to ask the lady and they took it out from the cabinet.
Hmmm, I guess they're keeping the good stuff for themselves (lol).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

I'm not going to talk much on my Rimmel foundation and face powder, because I think they are less special.

Regarding foundation, I like a less sticky and dry product, and it has to be a lighter shade that matches my skin tone.

As for the face powder, I've been using this Japanese brand since I started putting on makeup.
No specific reason, but it's quite a popular brand in HK and it's very small, easy to carry.

So, a very simple 5 to 10 minutes basic makeup is completed.

I'm going to write a review on a number of Blushes later.

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