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Fashionistas know how to mix and match, b ut divine Goddesses feast your eyes with simplicity. 'Simplicity is the ultimate sophisti...

Fashionistas know how to mix and match, but divine Goddesses feast your eyes with simplicity.

'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' - Leonardo Da Vinci

I was always impressed by Victoria's talent in fashion. She doesn't dress up for the trend, she creates her own style.
Not everyone dresses well in monochrome, but she does.
It takes courage and sense of fashion to look good in full whites, pinks, tangerines, greens, you name it. 

Victoria Beckham, being the wife of the world's highest paid football player, has all the money to spend...
and she knows the way to stage-show her wardrobe to the world in every opportunity.

Some may dislike her attempts to maintain a skinny body figure and the pursuit of a perfect body shape..
To me, she's a goddess!
A goddess who knows how to fabricate fashion, not chasing after trends. 
Coco Chanel says, ‘Fashion fades, only style remains the same'.

Working out one's style is the most captivating part of fashion.
Just like Men playing with cars and hi-fi systems, women plays with their own image.
It takes time to explore the hidden potentials...yea and it costs money too.
The fruitful outcome, however, would not let you down.

Starting with monochrome today, are you fit for it?
To answer this question, you have to think whether you're a colour blissful person Or are you a down-to-earth tone person?

Top (from left to right): Knee length sleeveless dress in chiffon H&M £24.99, Pencil dress with wrap front Asos £28,
Peplum dress with zip back Asos £38, Lace tube dress Zara £29.99, Sexy Pencil Dress with Pocket Asos £38

Bottom (from left to right): Bandeau péplum dress River Island - Asos £40, Contrasting collar dress Zara £35.99, Knee length dress in light geen sheer fabric H&M £34.99, Figure-fit dress in blue H&M £29.99, Tulip dress Asos £30

Top (from left to right): Zip up dress Zara £29.99, Shelly All Over Lace Longsleeve dress Boohoo £22, Pencil dress with belt Asos £38, Long draped dress Zara £49.99

Bottom (from left to right): Open back jumpsuit Zara £39.99, Fringed studio dress Zara £99.99, Lace Dress Zara £29.99, Crochet dress Kookai - Asos £109

Remember, a successful diva sets foot on the fashion stage with her own rules.
To all the beautiful ladies out there - 'I dress, therefore, I am'.

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