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Hello, my dearies. How have you been? I'm so excited because I'm just back from watching Titanic 3D,  though it's my third...

Hello, my dearies. How have you been?
I'm so excited because I'm just back from watching Titanic 3D, though it's my third time watching it...still found it breathtaking. 
Anyway, just want to do a quick share with you guys on some of the accessories that I like.

Item ONE
A pearl necklace that I wore to the movie tonight (Forever 21)
It comes naturally in 4 loops with pearls of different sizes and only 1 buckle.

Take a side look at it, still very chic no matter how you wear it.
I just put it on with a V-neck black top tonight that I brought from H&M.
It could easily go with a striped shirt, knitted top or a delicate dress.

Item TWO
A green sunglasses I bought from HK, and if you know, 
it's Stanley Market where I bought it(a place where tourists usually go). I did bargained a bit for the price as I'm a clever local resident (smile)
I love love love these sunglasses coz lime green is my favourite colour.
FYI, I also got a lime green macbook pro 13" case from Incipio.

This was a gift from my aunt in HK.
Heart shaped sunglasses is a MUST HAVE item in summer, of course!
It's quite a special colour too, cause most of the heart shaped glasses are red, black or white.
So yea, a big thumps up for this.

A lady-head pearl-beaded ring. 
This was bought when I went back to Stratford-Upon-Avon (Shakespeare's birthplace), 
also where I started my life in the UK and met my boyfriend (blush).
I always wanted this sort of necklace or ring, so this is what I got with only £6.99. Could you believe it?

A pair of shocking pink cut-out sandals (New Look)
You can still see this in shop or online. 
Originally, I wanted to buy the exact design in light blue because it looked more special and also match with my light skin. Unluckily, size 37 were out of stock so I had to buy this.
Well, they turn out to be very bright and matchy as well.

Last but not least, found this unbelievably cute Louis Vuitton cake on instagram!
Look at the cupcakes and the Louis Vuitton bags, my saliva is dripping...keke
Of course I have to share this with all my lovely readers 

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  1. love your pearl necklace!
    If you check out my new post, I'm wearing pearls too!

    Xoxo Lil


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