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Hello my beauties, I haven't forgot my promise about writing a blog on blushes that I use. I'm going to talk about 4 products tod...

Hello my beauties, I haven't forgot my promise about writing a blog on blushes that I use.
I'm going to talk about 4 products today, ranging from drugstore products to high end products.

1) Beautify 28 colour blusher blush concealer makeup palette
2) Estee Lauder Deluxe palette for lips and cheeks
3) Anna Sui face colour accent
4) Max Factor Miracle touch creamy blush

Why would I buy this palette?
Hmmm, previously I've been watching a lot of makeup tutorials on youtube and a lot of beauty gurus are using Coastal Scents 88 colour eyeshadow palette and blusher palettes, and I was tempted to buy one for myself.
However, as greedy as I am, I thought this 28 colour blusher palette would be more fun compared to the Coastal Scents 10 colour palette.
Colourwise, it would be a great choice if you want to buy a lot of colours at a low price.
I actually regretted buying it because the texture of the pigment is quite rough, and I did not use it a lot.
But base on the positive comments by a lot of beauty gurus regarding the Coastal Scents palette, I wouldn't deny your chance to try them.

Moving on to the Estee Lauder deluxe palette, there's no excuse of not using this product.
Although I've tried other blusher products, this is the best so far.
Smooth application and very warm peachy colour.

Anna Sui (japanese brand I suppose, not quite sure) products always have the nice packages, but not all of its products are the best I would say.
A friend of mine and myself have come across the same problem when using their blusher, we had to apply a lot of pigment each time in order to see the effect.
Therefore, it is quite costly and inconvenient if you want to use this as your everyday blusher. 

Here comes the creamy blush by Max Factor.
Actually I have only heard of cream blusher since last year. I'm not sure if this product have been out for quite awhile.
To my surprise, it is quite effective. The Max Factor creamy blush comes in 4 shades, I have chosen soft murano(09).
I just dab my finger on it lightly once or twice then gently press it on my cheeks everytime.
There are other brands in the market that produce cream blusher, beware of some cream blusher that's too sticky.
You don't want it to be too greasy and stuck all your hair on your face, right?

Hmmm..too lazy tonight. Wait till tomorrow to see how these blushers look on me.
I'll show you all the shades of the 28 colour palette on my arm and the other 3!
Good night, it's 3.30am now!

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