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Hi guys,  I'm not going to write anything regarding recent trends in this post. What I want to talk today is,  how can you find or ma...

Hi guys, I'm not going to write anything regarding recent trends in this post.
What I want to talk today is, how can you find or maintain your own style.

I find a lot of people blindly follow fashion trends without considering whether it fits themselves.
There is no doubt that the trend is out there for people to follow.
However, not every kind of clothes suit us.

In order to form your own style, you must know which kind of clothing suits you.

:: For example ::
The Sweet Girl

The easiest way to dress as a sweet girl is to wear dresses and skirts all the time.

Unisex (or Boyfriend Look)

Dressing in a unisex way, has always been the choices of a few.

The boyfriend look, however, is comparatively more common in America.
Such as dressing in baggy pants and colourful blazers.

Mature Lady

If you admit that you have a sense of glamour, dont hesitate trying with the mature lady look.
You'll be surprised how attractive you can be.

Sexy Hot Chic

According to Charles Darwin
the better the female body figure the more attractive it is to men as it signals health and fertility.

What does that implicate?  Be Bold. Be Sexy.

Black is Simple

For some people, such as Kate Moss, they are born to wear black.
Black does look cool on certain type of people.

But beware,
not everybody can carry a top-to-bottom BLACK outfit.

Such as myself,
I always have to wear something colourful to complete my looks.

Experiment on yourself before you make the final decision on what fits you that most.

Dress Lover

There is something amazing about Victoria Beckham.
You can't deny she's so gifted for colour-matching and dressing in monotone.

A white dress, white handbag and a pair of white heels!
Yet I don't recommend you try it,
cause I have mentioned, not everyone can be appealing in just ONE colour.

Military Style

Military style, definitely not my style, as I am tiny.

Sporty Look

Finally, the very casual and comfy sporty look.

As a fashionholic like myself, dressing in sports wear everyday is the most undesirable outcome for me.
I enjoy the process of mix and match. I loath dressing in a simple way.

However, if you're a person who doesn't want to think what to wear or you enjoy being in a loose outfit
I think you're the right person for the sporty look.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Of course, I don't mean you cannot switch between different looks according to your mood on the day
(this is a girl thing i know..LOL)
But at least, you gotta know which kind of style suits you best.

For myself, I personally think that I go between 'sweet girl', 'sexy chic' and 'mature lady' looks.
You'll see from more of the photos I upload later (Outfit of the Day).

Having a sense of which style suits you best,
is very crucial for your day-to-day outfit decision
and eases your pain to follow suit with the latest fashion trend when you go shopping.

Remember, I do not mean that fashion trend is not important.
My ultimate message here is, Find your own style !!!

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