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Today I'm going to share my experience in using hair stylers. I use to have a  Braun  gas hair curling iron  in Hong Kong that look...

Today I'm going to share my experience in using hair stylers.

I use to have a Braun gas hair curling iron  in Hong Kong that looks so:

The good thing about it is, you can carry it around the house because it's cordless.
Feel free to walk around the house, pick your dress when you're curling your hair with one hand.

The plastic bottle is how the gas looks like.
About the size of camera film case but few cm taller.
Usually it costs me HKD $25 (around £2) to buy a new gas and it can last for a month.
However, I realise that the gas sometimes evaporates when I don't use it that often.

But since I left it at home,
I had to buy another hair curler in the UK.
I've always heard that Babyliss has the best hair curlers.
So after quite a bit of research online, I decided to buy a curling wand instead of the usual curling tongs.

From what I've heard in youtube videos, 
curling wand has a high reputation of its unique design.
First, it does't come with a clip so what you have to do is just wrap your hair around the wand.
Second, the narrowing shape of the wand can naturally create bigger volume on top and smaller curls at the end.

So far, I didn't like it as much as the traditional curling tongs.
I hated that I have to twist my arm when I'm trying to secure my hair from wrapping around the wand.
I never realised having to use both hands to curl my hair is such a difficult task.
Also, the finishing curls does not come out nicely in a unanimous direction.
I have to admit that when I bought this curling wand, my hair was just about to reach my shoulders
and that might be a reason for the poor styling results.

Anyway, so one day I found this Remington curler at only £11 on promotion while browsing through Superdrug's website .
It was such a great deal and I'm using it all the time.
Extra credits is given to its pink leopard print. Felt like a princess when I'm using it :)

So, enough for curlers. 
I was born with natural curly and thick hair, as you can see from my previous post.
I have started using hair straighteners few years ago.

These 2 hair straighteners are what I got in Hong Kong.

Vidal Sassoon ceramic hair straightener

Panasonic Ion hair straightener

Because of the thickness of my hair, I had to use the maximum heat to style my hair most effectively.
However, the Vidal Sassoon one was too strong it hurts my hair a lot.
Also, I felt like the straightness of hair was too artificial and stiff. 
I'm not sure if someone else whose hair is thinner and lighter would achieve a better result using the VS straightener.

 Then, I went on to buy the Ion hair straightener as it has two ion nozzles and claims to be hair protective.
The iron plate did not clamp my hair tightly. Again, I'm disappointed.

At this point, I've given up on the option of using hair straighteners and switched to hair curlers all the time.

Until recently, when I was shopping for groceries in Sainsbury, 
I bought this Remington hair straightener as it was on discount. 
It was originally 21.99 but I bought it at £8.99. 
One of the reasons I bought it is because of the tempting price.
Also, because of the positive experience of using Remington's curling tong, I decided to give it another try.
This hair straightener turns out to be the best straightener I've ever had.
And lately I've been using it as hair curler too.

If you have no idea how to curl your hair with straightening iron, 
click HERE for youtube tutorials :)

After all, Remington is the better choice of all hair styling products for me.
Oh! Braun was great too.

And don't forget to apply heat protective sprays or products before you style your hair!

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