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Happy Birthday to ME! So yea, although exams are coming up soon..and I should be studying I went shopping today to celebrate my gre...

Happy Birthday to ME!

So yea, although exams are coming up soon..and I should be studying
I went shopping today to celebrate my great leap towards 22-years-old!
You know, women just have a thing with age...

When I was a kid, I always wanted to grow up because grown ups look so cool.
They can do whatever they want, and they don't need to stay at home everyday.
I used to wear my handbag one-sided instead of cross shoulder when I was 5, because it was how women in the 90s wear their handbag.

When I was about 10, I always moaned about people underestimated my age.
Why do people always think I'm small?
Okay, I was tiny and I had a baby face ..but all I want is just an accurate guess of how old I was!

When I was 16, I wanted to be 18! Of course, when you're 18 you can officially drink and do whatever you want.
Adulthoood! Hurray!

So yea, I passed 18 and then I missed my teenage years.
Wow, no way! I'm not believing I'm progressing towards my twenties. That's Old!

Yesterday, I was still 21.
In order to avoid admitting I'm old (as a 21-year-old girl), I was telling everybody 21 instead of 18 should be the official age where people can drink, in America.

Tick, tock, tick....
Here and Now, I'm eventually 22.
I presume that's the last year I can claim myself as being a 'young' girl.
You know, once you passed the doorstep of being 22...the number behind 2 only goes bigger and bigger until one day you realise you're already 30.

So, celebrate my being 22!

:: Left to right :: 
Blazer (Republic) / Shoes (H&M) / Maxi dress (New Look) / Floral Clutch (New Look) / Strapless backless bra (Primark)

Misson completed almost 80%!!! 
I've bought almost everything on my list, except MAC blushes!
I was planning on buying my first MAC blush on my birthday, so last night I've did some research on youtube.
I have gathered a bunch of names that I liked the most and was planning to buy them today in Debenhams.
The bad news is, MAC stalls are not available in Coventry Debenhams :( Guess I'll have to wait till my next visit to Birmingham.

Therefore, I figured that I could post the names of the blushes I want to buy here and see if anybody can share
 with me your experience of using these blushes or suggest some of your favourite MAC blushes before I buy them.

:: MAC Blushes ::
1. Breathe of plum
2. Pinch o peach
3. Danity
4. Margin
5. Immortal flower
6. Launch away
7. Pet me
8. Dollymix
9. Mocha

I know a lot of people prefer using peachy tones in Summer, but I do have some peach tone blushes at the moment, so I would love to buy a pinkish tone MAC blush for my 1st purchase.

Dear Readers,
If you do have a favourite MAC blush or have been using MAC blushes for a long time,
please share with me your experiences as I need more research before I actually buy them.

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